An O2N membership will assist your business to link with the opportunities in the region by accessing increased business exposure, personalised support, targeted networking and assistance at a variety of levels.

Tailored to your business needs

O2N offers an annual corporate membership, over 7 varying levels of investment paid either monthly or annually. The membership cost is based on access to services.

Each membership level is designed around delivering our members a proportionate return on their investment. This is why our activity is focused on current and emerging opportunities in key sectors where we have subject matter experts who can help businesses achieve their specific goals.

Who can benefit from membership?

Any business who would like to be connected to opportunities in the Orana and Central West regions, including any business who needs strategic help with contacts or business services such as grants and tenders or businesses who want their capabilities displayed to potential clients.

or if you are still unsure contact O2N today to discuss how membership could advance your organisation and contribute to a brighter future for the region.

Download the prospectus to find out more about membership benefits:

*Please note all memberships require a 12 month commitment from your joining date. If paying monthly, once the first 12 month term has passed, you will automactially be renewed and your commitment is then month by month until you advise O2N of any changes.